EZxploring games are available from libraries, tourist offices, heritage centres and other
outlets in towns and villages listed under each county. 

Coming Soon: Free to download EZxploring Walking Trail Games.

EZxploring Walking Trail Games are provided free of charge from the places listed above.

Coming Soon: Free to download EZxploring Walking Trail Games.

It’s Ireland, so a good raincoat and suncream should see you right. A biro or pencil to tick off the clues is helpful and if you want to time yourself, bring a watch. Perhaps a few treats for finding clues along the way might add to the EZxploring experience.

EZxploring is a Covid friendly activity, however, we recommend that your group adheres to Government guidelines for safe participation in outdoor activities.

EZxploring Walking Trail Games have been designed with all ages in mind.

The trails vary from town to town, 2.5km is the average distance. In some large towns, there is the option of doing either a shorter under 1.5km or a longer trail which can be up to 3.5kms.

The time spent on the trail depends on how long or how little you wish to explore. Many EZxplorers report getting lost for hours in the fine cafes, restaurants and shops found on each route.

The trails are suitable for most abilities. Check the distance as listed on our products before you start the trail and decide whether it’s for you. Regular breaks are recommended in any of the fine cafes and restaurants found in each town.

Many EZxplorers have come back on a second day to finish the longer trails.

Dogs on a lead are welcome to participate on all EZxploring trails. However, dogs other than guide dogs must be left outside any of the church buildings listed if you wish to go inside the building. 

All of the above are features of every EZxploring map.

Make contact with your local Heritage or Tourism Officers and recommend EZxploring Walking Trail Games.

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Local authorities can contact us directly to discuss our bespoke EZxploring design service.