The Playground Passport

Supporting active, healthy and happy children

A few years ago, I watched my four laughing, boisterous boys swing, slide and spin their way around the playground and I wondered: “Have I ever met a child who doesn’t love a playground?”


While the simplicity of children’s play has always fascinated me, that day I just hugged my double-shot latte and attempted to sip my way back to mental clarity and physical energy. 


You see, at that time my husband and I were developing EZxploring’s Walking Trail Game. 


In time, our Walking Trail Games came of age and today they are firmly established in the activities landscape of so many counties. 


But back then, testing our idea and our potential product was, by necessity and choice, a family affair. 


We packed our four boys (aged 2 to 8 years old at the time) into the car and traveled to countless towns exploring, learning and testing to make sure that our model worked for every town we visited. 


Frequently, our breaks involved stopping at a playground, having a picnic and giving the boys time to “decompress” and burn off some energy. So often, we’d have to ask where the playground was at a coffee shop or petrol station. We’d then follow some very Irish directions (you know what I mean!) to find the local playground. 


It was on one of these trips, as we observed our boys enthusiastically put every piece of playground equipment through its paces, that we thought…

What if there were a simple guide to all the playgrounds in the area that parents could use for those essential “decompression” times that all kids (and parents) need?


What if all the family-friendly places we were researching for the Walking Trail Games could be included in the guide, making it a budget-friendly day out for families just like ours? Afterall, with four kids, we don’t make a habit of popping into a restaurant for a three-course lunch every time we have a “day out”!


While the Walking Trail Game was designed to be suitable for all ages and interests, what if we focused exclusively on child-friendly activities for families in this guide?


An idea was born…the EZxploring Playground Passport. 


Have YOU ever met a child who doesn’t love a playground?

We all know the value of healthy activity and play for children. Over the past twenty years, as an education coordinator (and a parent), I’ve seen the positive outcomes of healthy play and outdoor activity for children.


But the statistics offer no comfort. 

How do we fix this?

We all want our kids to play outside, to play with other kids, and to be fit, healthy and socially well-adjusted young humans. Organized sport is great for the “sports-mad” child, but for other children there are fewer avenues to encourage healthy outdoor play and a healthy lifestyle. 


Putting children first, at the heart of every family, community and organizational decision, is what we all strive to do. 


But the reality is that parents are under relentless pressure, organizational budgets are being squeezed and communities have multiple competing interests and needs.


As a service provider, I’m sure you get numerous proposals about what you could do, who you need to serve and what you need to implement in order to be effective. 


It can be overwhelming. And so many of these proposals are costly, have long lead times, and are complex to procure and to see through to completion. While innovative solutions for the community will always have their place, it’s also important to maximize the use of every resource available in order to deliver value for money. 


It’s difficult to constantly come up with new ideas. It’s easy to think that all existing assets are fully utilized and what we need is always new and expensive. 


But, as the statistics on the level of children’s physical activity show, families and kids need ideas and solutions…today. 


Together, it’s possible to do our part in helping to alleviate this problem. 

What if it's possible for your organization, as a major stakeholder in your county’s management and development to:

Support healthy childhood activity and family-fun spaces without having to invest in new and costly infrastructure or services?

Revitalize your existing assets while serving the needs of local families and children?

Engage an organization with experience and a proven track record in delivering innovative and creative solutions for the community?

Increase the level of service you provide to your communities without having to reinvent the wheel, by providing a simple, stress-free solution for families to get active together?

The Playground Passport is a convenient, pocket-sized guide to all the playgrounds in your county. Modeled on our successful EZxploring Walking Trail Game, the Playground Passport follows our signature blend of photography, graphics, focused research and creative content. 


Fun and simple-to-use: Each location on the Playground Passport includes a playground and at least 3 (free or low-cost) family-friendly activities close to the playground. The 3 activities are an exciting mix of places to visit, things to see and physical activities for the whole family to enjoy. 


Approximately 25 “designed-for-you” family trips: The Playground Passport can fit approximately 25 playgrounds…perfect for days out all year round or for extended summer exploring!


You can’t get lost with a Playground Passport! It contains a map of your county with numbered playgrounds, accompanied by a QR code and GPS coordinates, taking you straight to the swings and slides. No need to ask for directions ever again!


Get the kids involved: The design of the Passport encourages children to get involved in planning their trip. They can choose which playground to visit, rate their visit and choose fun-filled activities close by.


And for the budding artists…the Playground Passport contains an area for home-based creativity after each trip. There’s space for a child to draw their unique “passport stamp” and keep it as a memento. 


Printed on robust 120gsm paper, the Playground Passport can survive multiple journeys (and kids!) and is fully recyclable when it’s finished. 


Have a look at how one of our clients used the Playground Passport for a summer of EZxploring fun!

The EZxploring Walking Trail Games that we now have in Longford are fantastic resources for locals and visitors alike. One of the great things about them is that they present local history in a lively, engaging way for all the family. It was such a pleasure to work with Edel and Kevin, and we really appreciated their creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm.
Martin Morris
Archivist, Longford Couny Council
I am delighted to be part of the team to work with EZxploring who were efficient, pleasant and extremely hard working. We are delighted and very impressed with the EZxploring Walking Trail Games of County Longford. It is a fun and exciting way to explore the heritage of an area. EZxploring comes highly recommended from all at Longford Tourism and Longford County Council.
Dympna Reilly
Tourism Officer, Longford County Council

Tried and tested: Not only has the EZxploring product model been tried and tested by our clients but as a trusted vendor, we have a proven track record in managing projects for local authorities and community stakeholders.


Fast execution and quick delivery: We can guarantee short lead times to deliver your county’s Playground Passport. Our team of researchers, writers, photographers and graphic designers are experienced at managing projects with tight deadlines. The Playground Passport is delivered with the same professionalism and high-quality standards as EZxploring’s Walking Trail Game. 


The EZxploring Playground Passport provides a budget-friendly, device-free entertaining day out for families and kids who want to get active and stay active – together. 


Because at EZxploring we believe that active kids are happy, healthy kids. 


To request a printed sample of our Playground Passport to be sent to you today. Simply email us at and we’ll post it to you by return. 


To discuss how every child in your county can have their own passport to playground fun, please contact me to arrange a consultation. 





Director, EZxploring