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Testimonials from participants

“ The children really enjoyed looking for the clues and quizzing us on what they had found out about the town, AND they didn’t even realise they were getting exercise at the same time!”

“The kids loved it, and myself and my husband got to appreciate the town as well. Even the baby was able to find clues.”

“It was fun…….and free, what’s not to love!”

“ We felt like a tourist in our own town; we learned so much.”

“Exactly the sort of thing that would make us pull in from a motorway and explore nearby towns.”

“My retired friends and I would love to visit other towns where EZxploring maps are available.”

“Exactly what it says on the tin- EZxploring makes it easy to explore!”

“Lots of Aha! moments, we walk by that feature every day and never noticed it before!!!”

“ A perfect school tour  activity.”

“When is our town getting one?”

“Great product. Kept three teenagers busy !!! Our sons and their cousins competed
with one another to be first to find all the clues. They took photos on their phones as


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